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3 SEO Gadgets For iGoogle

Posted by Progressive Guru on Jul 23, 2009 , under | comments (0)

If you want your website or blog to take better places at search engines and get more visitors, you should do some seo - search engine optimization.

By adding 3 gadgets that has many useful features for webmasters to your igoogle page, you can use them fast and with a lot efficiency.

Here are that 3 gadgets:

1- SEObook gadgets
2- RankQuest Gadget
3- ExactFactor Position Checker

Best Social Marketing Sources

Posted by Progressive Guru on Jul 22, 2009 , under | comments (0)

In this article, you can reach the best social marketing sites of these days. With using these social networks, your website will gain more and more traffic and popularity.

a. Social network applications and sites

1. google friend connect

2. facebook

3. myspace

4. hi5

5. linkedin

6. tagged

7. ning

b. Blog applications and sites

1. yahoo! shortcuts

2. blogger

3. wordpress

4. kindle publishing

5. typepad

6. wordpress for iphone

7. technorati

c. Social bookmark applications and sites

1. digg

2. stumbleupon

3. addthis!


5. delicious

6. diigo

7. jumptags

Actually it doesn't matter if you don't have a website to use these sites. You can find many useful websites or even friendships with social networks. As you can see below the page, at be my friend section, I am also using some of them...

House MD 6th Season Promo

Posted by Progressive Guru on Jul 21, 2009 , under | comments (0)

The first promo of House MD has been published on the Internet. I really like this tv serie by the way :) Here are youtube and dailymotion links.

Youtube | DailyMotion

Social Sites For Movie Addicts

Posted by Progressive Guru on Jul 20, 2009 , under , | comments (0)

Social sites are getting bigger and more popular in these times. They enable you to open new groups according to your interests and contact with many people with the same likings. However, they can't be so effective as much as specialized at one subject social sites. Here, I will give 10 sites specialized on movies. You will have the opportunity of meet and contact with movie addicts, get information about the old and new movies and much more... Here are the sites.

1 - IMDb(The Internet Movie Database)

2 - Flixster
3 - FilmCrave
4 - Criticker
5 - Flickchart
6 - I Heart Movies
7 - Spout
8 - Netflix
9 - The Auteurs
10 - BoxOfficeMojo

Imdb is absolutely my favourite and many of you must heard of it, I think :) And I also use criticker for its many beneficial features...

Gran Turismo and Little Big Planet videos for PSP GO

Posted by Progressive Guru on Jul 19, 2009 , under , | comments (0)

Gran Turismo and Little Big Planet videos have been published for the new PSP model of Sony, PSP GO. Actually I am also considering of buying one of this portable game console and I can say that the graphics of Gran Turismo looks pretty fine. Videos are from Youtube.